At the Heichal Hatorah Bais Medrash, we offer our talmidim a number of options to obtain

a bachelor’s degree

FDU Bais Program

The FDU Yeshiva Program allows talmidim to transfer up to 72 credits to their bachelor’s degree from learning. Another 18 credits can be taken as CLEP credits, leaving 30 credits to be taken through FDU. All courses are offered at Heichal and accommodate the talmidim’s schedule.

FDU Heichal Centers Health Program

Centers Healthcare and FDU have partnered to create a B.A. in Individualized Study with a Specialization in Health and Human Services Administration. All classes will be held at Heichal. The final course of this 30 credit degree will be an internship at Centers Health Care.

Lander College for Men

Located in Kew Garden Hills, New York, Lander College offers courses at night for students studying in other yeshivos.  Lander College for men is a division of Touro College and offers different majors to each student.  Heichal HaTorah has also partnered with Landers to create a “Zoom program”, where talmidim can stay at Heichal and be present at the classes through a video conference.

Naaleh College

Naaleh College is a completely online degree endorsed by Rabbanim around the world. Right now they offer three degrees – a B.A. in Judaic Studies, Bachelor Degree in Computer Programming and Technology, and an M.B.A. in Marketing. These degrees can be completed at the talmid’s own pace.