About the Heichal Hatorah Bais Medrash

Makom Torah. Heichal HaTorah Bais Medrash is a makom Torah in the heart of Teaneck with learning on the highest level, where talmidim can receive a derech halimud, reach their full potential in Avodas Hashem, and refine their character. HBM is the place where serious bnei Torah can become true Talmidei Chachamim.
Chevra. That dream became a reality in Elul 5779. Building on the incredible success of Heichal HaTorah High School, Rav Aryeh Stechler welcomed 20 talmidim to begin the Bais Medrash. Under the guidance of world class Maggidei Shiur and Mashgichim, talmidim are able to plummet the depths of Gemara in a growth oriented and warm environment. A small student body, coming together from various Yeshivos across Eretz Yisorel, affords the talmidim to forge lifelong relationships with their Rebbeim and chaverim.
Heichal Campus. Heichal HaTorah Bais Medrash is located on the Heichal HaTorah campus in Teaneck NJ. Talmidim learn in the newly renovated Rozehzadah Bais Medrash and have access to all the wonderful facilities of Heichal HaTorah, including beautiful shiur rooms, in addition to an olympic sized swimming pool and basketball court for recreation. The Yeshiva has regular Elul, winter, and summer zmanim, and has in-Shabbosim every other Shabbos.
Heichal College Options. The Bais Medrash believes strongly that talmidim should be equipped with the skills to succeed in their chosen career path. To that end, we encourage talmidim to pursue a college degree with our University partners, such as FDU, Landers College for Men and Naaleh College, at the right time and pace for each individual.

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